Mazda has filed an application in Europe to trademark the “MX-30” badge, leaving the industry wondering what sort of new vehicle the Japanese firm could have up its sleeve.

The studious folks over at unearthed the application, which Mazda recently filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

The emergence of this new moniker comes after the Fuchū-based firm revealed its new CX-30 crossover – which is scheduled to arrive in South Africa in the first quarter of 2020 – at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 2019.

So, what sort of vehicle could end up wearing the MX-30 badge? Well, it’s worth noting Mazda has traditionally reversed the MX prefix for its two-door offerings, such as the MX-3 (pictured below), the MX-6 and, of course, the MX-5 (the latter the only surviving nameplate). It has also applied the prefix to a number of concept vehicles, both in the 1980s and in the 2000s.

Still, it remains to be seen what Mazda could be planning … or indeed whether it has any intention to use the badge at all in the near future.

Interestingly, the US publication also pointed out the automaker filed applications to trademark the CX-10, CX-20, CX-40, CX-50, CX-60, CX-70, CX-80 and CX-90 nameplates, suggesting more crossovers could be on the way.

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