Mazda looks set to drop its latest turbocharged 2,5-litre petrol engine into the new CX-30, according to a fresh report out of the United States. claims the CX-30 will soon gain the same blown four-pot employed by the hottest version of the Mazda3, likewise offered exclusively in conjunction with all-wheel drive.

The US-based publication cites an “early order guide” showing the CX-30 Turbo will generate the same 186 kW and 434 N.m (when run on 93-octane fuel) as the Mazda3. When fed 87-octane petrol, those peak outputs fall to 169 kW and 420 N.m.

Expect a smattering of styling upgrades for this model too, including the adoption of black 18-inch alloy wheels, black side-mirror caps, a larger tailpipe, turbo badging and something called an engine “harmonic enhancer”.

The report says the Japanese firm will start producing the CX-30 Turbo in November 2020.

Interestingly, the CX-30 was scheduled to launch in South Africa early in 2020 but has yet to arrive (when we last asked in July, Mazda Southern Africa simply told us “at this stage no timing can be confirmed”).

In addition, the Mazda3 Turbo won’t arrive in South Africa any time soon, with the Japanese firm’s local arm telling us the “turbocharged engine [in the Mazda3] is only offered to the North American market for the next few years”.

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