Mini enthusiasts have long bemoaned the fact the firm's recent releases are a far cry from the diminutive original car, growing year on year. But according to Mini boss Bernd Körber, the brand would like to see the next-generation model scale things down a bit.
Speaking to Autocar, Körber admits there's consensus within the company that the premium hatch has grown a bit too much in size and that the current design is missing the compact proportions of the R53 and R56 models.
Körber states that the new model - due in 2022-2023 - will not shrink by much, but alterations to its proportions will make it appear more compact. Lessons learned from the development of the electric three-door hatch will also aid in the tailoring process.
“Hopefully in the next generation, we can make it even more compact, back to where Mini comes from.” Körber says.
Körber also confirms that the five-door, Cabriolet, Clubman and Countryman will remain part of the brand’s strategy. In addition, there are plans to add another crossover to the range. Wearing the Traveller badge, this model will be larger than the Countryman, placing an emphasis on practicality.
Despite this being the largest Mini to date, it will still be the smallest in its segment. “There’s interest in the small car segments. We can stretch the interpretation of Mini always being the smallest but I can’t imagine being bigger in a segment. We need to fulfil a requirement on size,” Körber adds.


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