A fresh report out of Australia claims the V8 turbodiesel engine employed by the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series will live on, despite the upcoming Land Cruiser 300 reportedly switching to V6 power.

According to CarsGuide, the Japanese firm says it has no immediate plans to change the Land Cruiser 70 Series’ powertrain, despite a recent report suggesting Toyota will soon kill off its V8 engines. Emissions regulations, though, are likely to eventually see it put out to pasture.

"There are currently no planned changes to the Land Cruiser 70 Series availability, or to its powertrain," a Toyota spokesperson told CarsGuide.

"As far as future model plans on the replacement for the upcoming Land Cruiser 200, we can’t confirm any powertrain details at this stage," the spokesperson added.

The Land Cruiser 70 Series range offered in South Africa (comprising 79-badged bakkies in single- and double-cab forms, and a 76-badged SUV that Toyota SA bills as a station wagon) includes the 4,5-litre V8 turbodiesel, which offers all four corners 151 kW and 430 N.m. The 195 kW/650 N.m version of the eight-cylinder that powers the outgoing Land Cruiser 200, though, is widely expected to be culled.

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