A fresh report out of Germany claims the Volkswagen Group’s rumoured reshuffling of its brands will see Bentley become a “subsidiary” of Audi.

According to a Reuters report, German publication Automobilwoche claims the move is part of an attempt to improve “economies of scale” among the VW Group’s high-end brands.

At the moment, Bentley technically falls under Porsche, with the latter company’s CEO representing the British firm on VW Group's management board.

However, the report suggests VW Group CEO Herbert Diess wants Bentley to have “a fresh start” under Audi, with the Ingolstadt-based division apparently set to oversee Bentley's “technological and financial activities” from 2021.

As Automotive News Europe points out, the move could see upcoming Bentley models sharing even more technology with Audi. The eventual successors to the Continental GT and Flying Spur, for instance, would likely move to the upcoming Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture Audi and Porsche are currently developing.

In September 2020, a report out of Europe claimed the Volkswagen Group planned to off-load Bugatti to Rimac Automobili, a Croatian automaker that focuses on electric vehicles.

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