The folks over at RGMotorsport in Gauteng have set to work tuning their first F90-generation BMW M5, giving the high-performance, all-wheel-drive saloon yet more oomph.

The Randburg-based firm says the M5’s twin-turbo 4,4-litre V8 has been upgraded to produce 515 kW and 907 N.m (up from the standard vehicle’s 441 kW and 750 N.m), which makes it considerably more powerful than even the M5 Competition.

According to the local tuner, some 420 N.m is already on tap at just 1 500 r/min, with the peak twisting figure arriving at 4 000 r/min. Once the tachometer needle reaches a lofty 6 000 r/min, there’s still some 735 N.m available, which as the tuner points out is almost as much as the standard engine’s maximum.

The higher claimed outputs have been achieved thanks to the fitment of a new RGM-Techniflow downpipe/exhaust system along with some fettling via an imported JB4 management system.

The fresh pipes measure 76 mm in diameter, with RGM saying though they “follow the route of the original system”, the radius of the bends has been opened “as much as possible”.

Total cost of the conversion? Some R110 000. Of course, as we’re always at pains to point out, applying such a package to your under-warranty vehicle will see said manufacturer warranty voided…

Original article from Car