Volkswagen recently published some press material “showcasing how the lighting systems of the future will communicate and increase safety even further”. But one of the images included in the media section shows what could just be the taillamp design of the new Golf 8…

As pointed out by the studious folks over at, the rear light clusters you see in the image above don’t match those of any past or current VW-badged models. But they do look fairly similar to the design employed by the current Golf.

And all other taillamp images published with the same release are clearly identifiable as belonging to certain models (including the Passat and new Touareg).

So, has the Wolfsburg-based automaker dropped a sneaky teaser image of the next-generation Golf, without telling everyone what it is? It certainly seems that way.

For the record, VW claims the “interactive” clusters shown in the image will “revolutionise” taillamps. These Matrix clusters, says Volkswagen, will allow warnings to be incorporated into the taillamps themselves; for example, enabling dangerous situations, like the area at the end of a traffic jam, to be defused using car-to-car communication.

In addition, new assist functions, such as the micro-lens-based “Optical Park Assist” system, will ostensibly improve safety while manoeuvring at lower speeds. The brand says this arrangement will be able to project the vehicle’s path onto the road to alert passers-by of the parking process.

Production of the new Golf 8 is scheduled to start in June 2019. And we suspect these taillamps will be offered as an option...

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