For many, experiencing the German Autobahn at full steam in a performance car is a bucket list experience. For one individual behind the wheel of his Mk7 Volkswagen Golf GTI however, things didn’t turn out as smoothly as he would have hoped.

While charging down at around 240 km/h, the driver of the GTI notices a Skoda Fabia tread over into the fast lane. He signals the approaching car by frantically flashing his lights but soon realises the driver isn’t paying attention.

He proceeds to decelerate and veer over towards the barrier on the left but both space and time are lacking, resulting in him making contact with the Czech hatchback at around 180 km/h. Thankfully the result was a rather violent but non-fatal side swipe.

The end of the video shows the damage sustained to right side of the GTI; a nasty scrape to the paintwork and a missing door mirror cover. Thankfully none of the drivers were harmed.

Original article from Car