You may have read our recent feature on what it takes to convert an ordinary production car into a full-on armoured vehicle. Well, our friends over at SVI Engineering have just released an interesting video showing one of their armoured Nissan NP200 bakkies taking multiple rounds from an AK47.

The NP200 in question has been kitted out to B4+ armour specification (i.e., able to withstand 7,62 mm rounds). Interestingly, the Pretoria-based firm targeted areas of the vehicle (such as the edges of glass, edges of armour and the door locking mechanism) that are typically vulnerable in attacks.

After the first round of testing using an AK47, the company then moved on to a shotgun, targeting the windscreen, before going back to the AK47 for a final round of "indiscriminate" firing.

Check out the results in the video above…

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