A Mercedes-Benz executive says the German firm has no plans to build a coupé-style version of the new GLA, saying there’s “no demand” for such a vehicle.

While BMW builds the (X1-based) X2 and Audi produces the sloped-roof Q3 Sportback (based on the standard Q3), Mercedes says it won’t be doing to same with the second-generation GLA.

“No, actually there is no plan to put a coupé on [the GLA],” said Markus Nast, Mercedes-Benz global product communications manager for compact cars, according to CarExpert.com.au.

Nast pointed out the Stuttgart-based firm’s compact range was already “very well loaded”, adding buyers of the first-gen GLA had wanted more rear headroom, not less.

“We don’t see a demand for a car like this, honestly,” Nast said.

Revealed late in 2019, the second-gen GLA is some 100 mm taller than the original, which Mercedes-Benz says translates to both a loftier seating position (some 140 mm higher than in the A-Class, in fact) and more headroom.

The firm claims legroom in the rear is also “much more generous” than before, despite the GLA measuring 15 mm shorter nose to tail (it’s now 4 410 mm long). The wheelbase, meanwhile, has grown some 30 mm to 2 729 mm and the claimed capacity of the luggage compartment (with its height-adjustable load floor) has increased by 14 units to 435 litres

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