Toyota’s lengthy teaser campaign for its new Supra continues. The latest bit of information? A short video revealing exactly what the upcoming sportscar's (BMW-sourced) inline six-cylinder engine sounds like (hear it in the clip below).

Posted to YouTube by the Japanese automaker’s European arm, the 30-second clip gives us a taste of the soundtrack served up by the turbocharged 3,0-litre six-cylinder unit under full throttle.

This very engine, of course, is already employed by the new BMW Z4 M40i roadster (with which the Supra shares its underpinnings) as well as the M340i sedan.

When we drove a Supra prototype in Spain in September 2018, we learned from Toyota that its version of this powerplant would make “more than” 224 kW and around 450 N.m (the Z4 M40i, meanwhile, makes 250 kW and 500 N.m).

The new Supra is scheduled to finally be fully revealed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on 14 January 2019. Expect it to arrive in South Africa in the second quarter of the year.

Listen to the upcoming model’s engine and exhaust notes below...

Original article from Car