A design executive at Hyundai has suggested the Korean brand won’t build a three-door version of its new i20 hatchback.

Minchul Koo, vice-president for design at Hyundai Motor Company, hinted to Indian publication Electric Vehicle Web there would be little demand for a three-door i20.

“For the designer [a coupé] is good; we are dreaming about creating something that is fast and more aggressive,” Koo said.

“But at the moment, every market of SUV is growing as you see, because people need more practicality. So the designer’s job is ‘fusioning’ every element – so even the [five-door] hatchback is very sporty and sexy; it is very sleek.

“The coupé I don’t think is really good idea at the moment,” he added.

This, of course, shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, with many manufacturers – including Volkswagen with its Golf 8 and Audi with its new A3 Sportback – opting to produce only five-door versions of their hatches.

Original article from Car