Remember the uprated A90-generation Toyota Supra UK-based company Litchfield Motors revealed earlier in August? Now the folks at the tuning firm have turned their attention to another two-door coupé in the shape of the new Porsche 911 Carrera, handing the rear-engined sportscar a significant increase in power.

As standard, the new 911 Carrera’s twin-turbo flat-six produces 283 kW and 450 N.m of torque. Although that’s 11 kW up from its 991.2 forebear, the UK-based tuner thought the  “entry-level” 911 could do with some more power and remapped the 3,0-litre petrol engine’s ECU. The finished product: a 911 Carrera with a whopping 427 kW and 650 N.m on tap.

For reference, that’s 96 kW and 120 N.m more than the stock 992-generation Carrera S (tested in our September 2019 issue) and Carrera 4S models, and on par with the power output of the previous-generation 911 Turbo S (although this model is good for an extra 50 N.m).

Fortunately for owners of the rear- and four-wheel-driven S models, however, the firm offers the same “customised” software upgrade, which results in a similar power output as that of the aforementioned tuned 911 Carrera. Whether this performance increase has resulted in an improved top speed or quicker 0-100 km/h sprint time the firm is yet to announce.

According to Litchfield, calibrating the uprated engine involves putting the 911 on a Maha Dyno, which the firm says is the same unit used by the Stuttgart-based automaker, before taking it on the road for additional fine-tuning. 

The tuner says this “straightforward” process allows it to “create a really smooth, driveable car” (not that this isn’t the case with the standard 911, of course).

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