A high-ranking Toyota executive in Australia says the company is “not fearful of competition” for its Supra, with Nissan currently developing a replacement for the 370Z.

In May 2020, Nissan has released a teaser video giving us our first glimpse of the upcoming replacement for the 370Z sportscar. Expected to be called the 400Z, the newcomer looks set to be positioned as a rival to the GR Supra.

“We’re not fearful of competition,” Sean Hanley, Toyota Australia sales and marketing boss, told motoring.com.au. “I would welcome competition particularly in this space. There’s nothing like good rivalry to keep interest in the segment.

“We think a healthy competitive environment drives us and inspires us to great things. Are we confident about Supra? Yes we are,” he added.

In February 2020, Toyota South Africa Motors confirmed the GR Supra was in line for a power upgrade, with the updated model on the cards for a local introduction.

As revealed by the Japanese firm’s North American arm, the GR Supra’s BMW-sourced 3,0-litre straight six will be boosted from the current 250 kW to 285 kW (that’s a full 35 kW or 14 percent more). The higher-output version is expected to be “introduced as a running change” pending fuel quality approval.

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