Torsten Müller-Ötvös, the CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, says the British firm has no plans to expand production at its Goodwood plant, candidly saying if demand increases further “we would just raise prices”.

Speaking to GoAuto, the 58-year-old promised the firm would retain a high level of exclusivity, despite increasing demand driven largely by the Cullinan (pictured above).

“We are not into volume, but I think if you sell 4 000 – or when I joined nine years ago it was around a thousand; of course we added more product over the last year – I think 4 000 is still a minute number given the overall car business world, right?

“It can also be 5 000; that doesn’t make a difference. For me, what matters is what you experience here. Customer attention, customer care … that kind of ambience,” he told the Australian publication.

“We are not selling ‘cars’. It’s not a ‘car’ in our customers’ mind. This is a luxury good. Yes, it sits on four wheels, but nobody needs us to come from A to B … nobody. They have multiple cars in their garage, and for that reason you need to create that ambience of high and prestigious luxury and that’s the reason why we are interested in high-end pricing bespoke capabilities, which is a big part of the brand so that every customer can really build his own masterpiece.

“Together with our clients that’s the philosophy we have at Rolls-Royce. And it’s not a big difference if it is 4 000 or 5 000 or whatever.”

Müller-Ötvös added there was “no chance” Rolls-Royce would increase production at its headquarters, before hinting the BMW-backed company wouldn’t build vehicles outside of the United Kingdom, either.

“There is no chance in any way to expand production in Goodwood because we are sitting in an area of natural beauty and it’s an inbuilt guarantee for exclusivity. If we would see even higher demands, then we would just raise prices.

“I also think Rolls-Royce belongs to Britain. Full stop. Whatever comes … it’s part of the British culture.”

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