While the performance variant of Volkswagen's Mk 1 Golf may have been the progenator of the GTi hatchback genre, Peugeot's hot hatch heritage has also hinged on some brilliant models wearing the GTi badge. New reports have, however, emerged suggesting Peugeot may drop the iconic name to make way for a new moniker.

Talking to Auto Express, an unnamed Peugeot representative explained the electrification of the next-generation 208 hot hatch will essentially render the GTi badge (the last letter of which denotes fuel injection) obsolete. It will be replaced by the Peugeot Sport Engineered branding that saw its debut on the 508 hybrid concept early this year.

Peugeot's UK arm has disagreed with this decision and is fighting to retain the GTi badge. It cites both the badge's heritage value and Porsche’s decision to retain the Turbo badge on its Taycan as reasons to retain the GTi nomenclature.

An unnamed source told the British publication that the GTi name has “great resonance and heritage within the UK, and the GTi name would be a perfect fit” for the hot 208.

Original article from Car