Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann says the Molsheim-based firm’s W16 engine will live on into the “next decade”.

Speaking to Autocar, Winkelmann said the quad-turbo powerplant would survive the ongoing downsizing trend, pointing out the “mission for a Bugatti is a different one” to those of other Volkswagen Group brands.

“The W16 has, in my opinion, an opportunity for the future. It’s a USP [unique selling point] which is not diminishing in value,” the 55-year-old told the UK publication, adding VW Group chief Herbert Diess knew “the value of a W16 engine”.

Winkelmann went on to say if internal combustion engines were largely phased out over the next decade, any remaining examples would be “the last of a kind, and the last of a kind means it is collectible”.

“If there is hybridisation, the battery will be replaced but it won’t be original. The internal combustion engine is something that will grow in value. People are buying Bugattis because they want to enjoy the ultimate performance but also – and this is legitimate – because it’s an investment.

“The EB110 is skyrocketing. And Veyrons are going up. I don’t have to be a wizard to forecast that this will happen to the Chiron and therefore, I’m committing to the fact that this is the way to go for the hyper sportscar in the next decade,” he said.

Winkelmann recently suggested if Bugatti were to create a second model below the Chiron it would be something “to be used on a daily basis”. And such a model would, therefore, be unlikely to employ the brand’s W16.

Original article from Car