Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann has dropped a pretty hefty hint that the brand is considering building a super-SUV, revealing that the French brand will look “at every body style”.

Speaking to CarAdvice, Winkelmann said that he had a desire to expand the Bugatti range past the Chiron and the limited-edition Divo.

"For me, the brand is ready to do more than one model. But we will have to see if we can find ; this is something we are still waiting for because the Group has significant investments in projects like autonomous driving and electric cars," he said.

However, the 53-year-old Bugatti CEO hinted that any new model was unlikely to come in the form of a sedan or fastback.

"It's clear that if we do something different from a super sports car, something different from the Chiron, then it would not be enough just to be in love with one type of car," Winkelmann told the Australian publication.

"We would look very different at every body style and also regional demand, see what is going up and what is going down, and also in terms of pricing. We would not put our money into something which is fading," he added.

Of course, fellow VW Group brands Bentley and Lamborghini have both already taken the SUV plunge (with the Bentayga and Urus, respectively), while Rolls-Royce earlier in 2018 revealed its Cullinan. Ferrari, too, has all but confirmed that an SUV bearing the Prancing Horse badge is on the cards.

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